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Toolbar TutorialShort virtual tour of the Toolbar on the TLC site.
Course Designers
Use this chart to plan your literature program
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Course Designers
How to plan your literature program - Backward Design
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Moed Bet 2014 D Exam (Matriculation Exams)
Machon Szold
Literature Exam Module D July 2014
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Course Designers
How to plan your literature program - Backward Design
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Literature Text Approval List Updated
There are now two lists for approved and rejected texts: one for four and five points, and one for three points. September 2014.
Updated Handbook August 2013
Click here or on the LITERATURE HANDBOOK button on the first page of the TLC site for the new updated version of the Handbook.
Tool for Calculating Log Grade for students in 11th and 12th Grades
The Excel file has been adjusted to include the changes in the Updated Handbook, relevant to students in the 11th and 12th grades in 2015. Click here for both D and F.
Changes in the Literature Program
Announcement summarizing the changes in the Literature Program and showing some examples.
Literature Counselors
Click here for a list of the names and emails of the National and Regional Literature counselors for 2014-2015
Winter 2014 exams and Guidelines
The Exams and Marking Guidelines for Winter 2014 are now on the site.
Excel Files for calculating grades for Unit Logs and Exams
For students beginning the 10th grade in Sept. 2014, the calculations for the Unit Logs (Modules B, D and F) and the Exams (D and F) can be calculated using the excel files updated on the site. Do a search for "Excel" and you will find them all.
Our Highlights
Count that Day Lost
How do you spend your days? Are they spent in meaningful activity? Does the time get used purposefully or does it get wasted and lost? How does
A Summer's Reading by Bernard Malamud
A short story about how a high school dropout from a New York neighborhood tries to gain respect for himself and deal with the consequences of his actions.
Introduction to Poetry
How should you read a poem?
As I Grew Older
How important are your dreams? What are you willing to do to achieve them? What challenges might you have to overcome in order to achieve them?
The Road Not Taken
How do you decide which path not to take? How important are your decisions? How satisfied are you with them?
The Split Cherry Tree
Instead of going home to help his father with farm work, Dave is kept after school to work off a debt for a tree that he broke when he and his friends climbed it. How will his father react? A story about rural America and different types of education.
Nothing lasts forever, no matter how great it may seem to be.
Mr Know-All
A story about culture, manners, first impressions, values and prejudices

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