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Pre-reading activity - Handbook Definition

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Definition of the Pre-reading component from the Handbook



The teaching of a literary text consists of the following key components:


    *   Pre-Reading Activity


    *   Basic Understanding


    *   Analysis and Interpretation


    *   Bridging Text and Context                           


    *   Post-Reading Activity


    *   Summative Assessment




The following is the definition of the Pre-reading Activity according to the teachers’ handbook for Integrating Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) with the Teaching of Literature. Updated Oct. 2013:





Pre-reading activities motivate the students and encourage involvement in the topic and theme of the text.  A Pre-reading


activity should start off your unit of literature whenever it is appropriate to do so. 



Examples of Pre-Reading Activities:

  • Oral Discussion or a short written activity
  • Brainstorming the theme
  • Playing music to set the tone
  • Eliciting vocabulary around the theme
  • Doing an enactment around the theme
  • Asking a thought-provoking question
  • Asking lead-in questions
  • Showing a short YouTube clip or a scene from a movie
  • Cartoon, riddle, joke
  • Thinking about the title
  • Using pictures related to the theme

Samples of Pre-reading activities for different literary texts can be found on this site.

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