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Count That Day Lost - A & I (HOTS)

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Analysis and Interpretation(HOTS)activity for the poem Count That Day Lost by George Eliot.



Activities for Analysis and Interpretation enable students to analyze and interpret the text. Activities

should include questions that go beyond the literal meaning of the text. In addition, activities should

include questions that relate to the specific higher-order thinking skills (HOTS).  HOTS need to be

taught explicitly.  HOTS can be taught before, during or after reading a text.






The Analysis and Interpretation (HOTS) activity for the poem Count That Day Lost by George Eliot, was

designed to be taught after the class read the poem and completed the work on the Basic Understanding of the poem. The HOTS taught here was the skill of Explaining patterns. As part of the activity, the class watches a YouTube clip by Esher. This activity was written for a class on the five-point level. 


Teachers can use the page as is or adapt it to suit the level and needs of their classes.



Click here to download the workpage.







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